If you're like many people, much of your wealth is tied up in assets like real estate, stocks, or business interests, while only a fraction is in cash. What if you were able to give from all of your assets? Learn more about the many benefits of giving non-cash gifts, including possible tax deductions for the full fair-market value of your gift as well as the reduction or elimination of capital gains taxes.

Did you know that 90% of most people’s wealth is not in their cash but in their assets? CRM has the privilege of teaming up with National Christian Foundation (NCF) to help you grow your giving legacy. Multiply your impact by donating appreciated non-cash assets.

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 Why is CRM using NCF (National Christian Foundation) for non-cash gifts?

CRM is excited to partner with NCF to provide more resources for you in developing your legacy of giving. NCF is highly qualified to guide you through giving non-cash gifts, such as real estate, stock, or business interests and will not only help free up more assets for Kingdom growth, but also discover ways to potentially save on taxes paid for charitable gifts. Partnering with NCF does not directly benefit CRM, but we hope it is a wonderful tool to bless your stewardship journey.